KJ’s House of Refuge, Hosted it’s Annual Holiday Party on December 23, 2020

2020 Without A Shadow of Doubt Was a Hard And Trying Year For All Of Us. The Pandemic Created A Unique And Challenging Situation For KJ’s House of Refuge. For That Reason, We Had A Smaller Event And Had To Reduce The Number Of Families. Nevertheless, We Claim Success And Sincerely Hope Your Holidays Were Blessed And Full Of Joy!

2020 without a shadow of doubt was a hard and trying year for all of us. The pandemic created a unique and challenging situation or KJ’s House of Refuge.


For that reason, we had a smaller event and had to reduce the number of families. Nevertheless, we claim success and sincerely hope your holidays were blessed and full of joy!

This Event Would Not Be Possible Without The Support Of Contributing Partners.


KJ’s House of Refuge Would Like to Extend Special Thanks To The Following:

Marine Toys For Tots

Our Secret Mrs. Claus: Debra

Garden State Furniture

Sarah LaFond

Ms. Rose

Close Family & Friends

KJ's House of Refuge